Secure your location with detection gates and handheld scanners from Kooistra Detectors!

Why is the right security that important?

Unfortunately, safety is no longer self-evident today. It should! You hear it more and more often in the news; someone has been robbed, shot or stabbed. That is why we want to help provide courts, municipalities, judicial institutions, airports, police stations, event halls, exhibition halls and discotheques with the right security equipment. We offer high-quality handheld scanners, detection gates and X-ray scanners, with which we can greatly increase safety.

Our motto is to ensure that everyone can go to work safely and enjoy a festival or other event. With the help of our detection equipment and X-ray scanners, we can work together for a safer Netherlands.


360 degree service for your safety


Rental options for walk-through detection gates (also for large events). Including assembly, disassembly and training.

How to buy

You can order our walk-through detection gates and handheld scanners online or view them in our showroom

Control and service

You can take out a maintenance contract with us with annual control and 24-hour breakdown service.


Walk-through Detection gates and hand-held scanners are used for various security purposes


Airports, Transport Terminals etc.

Government agencies

Schools, Government Buildings, etc.


Shopping halls, Business center etc.


Police stations, justicial institutions etc.


Concert halls, Football stadions, Festivals etc.

And much more…

Militairy tarrains, Demonstrations etc.